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Diabetic Service

Alliance P&O offers diabetic care through both preventative and rehabilitative services.  The following is a list of diabetic services we provide and brief explanations. 


Accommodative Inserts:   Custom fabricated inserts that are placed inside of precsribed shoes to protect the bottom of the diabetic foot with different layers of padding.

Accommodative Shoes:   Custom fit shoes designed for the diabetic patient and required for the custom inserts for complete protection.

Diabetic Socks:   Socks that are made with the diabetic foot in mind.  Options include seamless, non-binding, x-static, copper, gel, and compression styles.

Pressure Relief Shoes:   All styles available to protect/unload problem areas, including "DH" shoes and offloading styles.

Walker Boots:   All brands and styles of walking boots including pneumatic, "DH" style, ROM, and fixed.

CROW -  Chronic Relief Orthotic Walker:   A custom made boot that encompasses the lower limb to protect/help manage dibetic ulcers and the Charcot foot.


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