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Mobile Service

In the prosthetic and orthotic field, Alliance Prosthetics and Orthotics is one of only a few companies nationwide that looks to serve the patient in their most accomodative location. Our goal is to see our clients where they want to be seen, whether it be their doctors office, rehabilitation clinic, or possibly their own home!  Our clients overall comfort and safety are two of the reasons we are in existance.  

Having the availabilty to help a client in familiar atmosphere has the benefits of being better evaluated in their own surroundings/challenges. Also the client does not need to be transported, which can offer several benefits.

The best way to describe our company is as a "mobile clinic".  The advantage comes directly to the patient in a way that has never been offered previously in our region.  Please contact us to see how Alliance Prosthetics and Orthotics can serve you.

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